Talkback: 10 of the most compact folding buggies


  • Hi, can't believe my iCandy Raspberry isn't in this list, I have used this since birth for travelling and it's been just great, folds in one piece, weighs almost nothing, no need to take any wheels off.
  • Hello!

    I have a massive dilema:)))

    I have a 1year and 2months already baby and am pregnant with the second one (due date is 2018 April).

    At the moment I have an icandy buggy but it seems heavy for me so I wanted to change it. My question would be, is it worth changing my buggy for bugaboo bee one and when I get my second baby born I would use a foot plate for my 2yrs baby and newborn would go in cacoon??

    I am not sure about double buggies as they look massive and I dont want to have any troubles while traveling or just shopping????

    Please share your experience
  • yes i like it but where do i get one and how much ???????

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