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Talkback: Where is it OK to change your baby's nappy?


  • I've changed my little one on a mat on the bench in a cafe before now but It's only ever been a wet nappy and I've had the courtesy to use antibacterial wipes on the seat (I generally use them on the table after dining anyway as my kids are messy.)

    I don't agree with changing a poo nappy on a table in an eatery though and I wouldn't object to an owner/staff member asking for it not to be done. It's a public hygiene issue after all and the eatery could be found liable (and fined) if contaminants (visible or not!) were left behind and passed on to other customers.

    One of the big issues I have with changing is either fitting a double buggy into some of the tiny changing rooms offered or keeping my walking toddler's wandering hands away from a toilet/waste bin/hot taps whilst changing my youngest's nappy.

    The only place I've ever visited that has a small seat for toddlers and ample space for changing has been IKEA!

    More could be done but then what did our parents do before the days of Babychange facilities being everywhere?!
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