Talkback: Stay-at-home dads on the rise


  • My partner is a stay at home dad and it works well for us. He did not choose this but I earn more so it made financial sense. I am not sure I could cope being a full time mum! But there is such prejudice and ignorance about it. I get really cross having to explain to companies that my partner is not unemployed but a homemaker! If women stay at home it is fine but the gender divide still remains for dads. Also everything is geared towards women and it is difficult for men to integrate with the snooty mums at some tots play groups. More needs to be done to encourage the men to meet up with their kids. It also annoys me how women seem to fawn over a bloke with a baby and help him out in supermarkets etc but if I am struggling no help at all! Grrrr rant over!

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