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Talkback: New pregnancy book causes controversy


  • I would like to share that this woman is not a medical doctor of any sort. Yet this book has spread like wild fire in the past week. She has only focused on the perspective of the woman during pregnancy. Not the little life that she could be tainting that is/was growing inside her. I keep hearing people say that wine helps relieve stress, calms muscle tension, and the excuse "it's ONLY a little bit of wine". If a woman "needs" a glass of wine during pregnancy, the issue isn't stress, it's addiction. She doesn't relate to anything that could happen to the child. And I think it's because alcohol is legal. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying to ban alcohol. I'm saying that people don't look at it as harmful since it's legal and socially acceptable. Many babies take years to show signs of their development or lack of development. And many do not get diagnosed at all. People just make up the excuse of their kid not being able to pay attention in class, they're high strung, they throw raging tantrums, etc. and we say "it's because they're so young and have so much energy." These are signs/symptoms that the child was prenatally exposed to alcohol. Berns states "why risk it?" FASD is 100% preventable. And what people don't realize is that it is PERMANENT brain damage. The Minnesota Organization on Fetal Alcohol Syndrome is getting ready to kick off FASD Awareness Month in September with our book club. Join MOFAS as we read "When Rain Hurts" by Mary Greene. A memoir about her dreams of motherhood and the reality of life with an adopted child suffering from an FASD. We hope to bring FASD out of the shadows and create mainstream awareness for this permanent, yet 100% preventable disability. Hopefully this book will put life of a child with an FASD into perspective and have women refuse to drink alcohol while pregnant.

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