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Talkback: Pregnant MP in “forced to stand” row


  • Thanks for your post, Yellow Lolly Ellie Horry - and that's a good point!

    Have to say I fainted once on the London Tube when I was only a few weeks' pregnant and couldn't get a seat (too scared to ask). As I came round, people were stepping over me to get out at the next stop!

    I can only assume that, as I didn't have a noticeable bump yet, they all thought I was drunk or something.

    I went and got a Baby On Board badge the very next day!

  • When I was pregnant, and travelling on public transport I used to be all gung-ho and "I'm fine standing, thanks" until someone said "It's not about you, It's for the baby. What if we stop suddenly and you fall?" I was really embarrassed, and felt rather stupid. After that I would make a point of asking for a seat if no one offered, even though I was always mortified to do so.
    I'm not sure there are quite the same risks while standing in parliament though!
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