Talkback: Miley Cyrus: a bad role model, says headteacher


  • She's gone seriously off the rails since her Hannah Montana days!

    I'm sure she'll stop soon, it might take something big for her to realise what she's become though, she was a role model and now she's had a complete change of heart!

    what about all of the little girls over the world who idolised her? 

  • I agree! I dont think she's going with classy sexy... She's leaning toward notoriously sexy! Hannah Montana has been one of those little girls who other little girls want to be like. Telling your kids that Hannah Montana is grown up and then showing them this whole new Hannah Monta(NAH) completely confuses kids. 

    So kids think its ok to have one clean and neat side and another messy side??

    Definately not something I'd want to confuse my kids with. 

  • What a vile piece of trash.

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