Talkback: Norwegian 'wag' posts pics of flat tum 4 days after birth


  • That would be impossible for me to achieve, but good on her for looking so good so soon. I didn't think that was possible!
  • Good for her but unfortunately it doesn't do much for everyone else's self esteem! I do think, however, that this could be down to very lucky genetics, the same as stretch marks etc - if it was us we would be proud too so she deserves her spotlight n knowing she is a health n fitness blogger gives me impression she knows what she's doing (I hope) I often wonder when I see celebs after giving birth,who is holding/feeding the baby while you are on the treadmill?
  • This must be what happens when you don't pile on the pounds while pregnant...
  • Wow! how on earth did she manage to look like that after 4 days? My baby is coming up to a year old and I am still trying to lose my baby weight.
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