Talkback: Teach your baby to talk from birth according to new book


  • I've read this book and the review doesn't do it justice because, as Jess points out above, the review makes it sound as if the book is stating the obvious. It doesn't.

    The book sets out a very useful chronology of speech and language development. The chapters are broken down into age ranges such as 0-6 months, 6-12 months etc., which allow you to see where your child is (should be) at in terms of their development, and to understand exactly what is going on. It is also filled with lots of fun activities to help boost that development, which, at the very least, can help reduce the frustration levels (for little one and mum!) of not being able to effectively communicate.

    Many adults tend to ask children questions ('what's your favourite colour?', 'what game are you playing?') but the authors say that this can stifle a child's development. The main strategy they champion is called 'Say What You See', where instead of asking questions, an adult provides a descriptive commentary of what a child is experiencing so as to provide words for his/her experiences. With enough repetition, well-modeled words become etched in a child's mind like a scratched record. This isn't just talking to your child.

    There are a host of other things, too (advice on whether TV or iPads help or hinder development, for example), and lots of personal anecdotes, which make this book a really enjoyable read.
  • Doesn't everyone already talk to their babies and make eye contact while they are doing it? It seems weird to me that you would need a book to tell you to do that!
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