Talkback: Facebook reunites lost teddy with little girl


  • Ha ha, boof69!

    Know exactly what you mean, though. We once lost "Floppy" in a motorway service station - and I spent DAYS trying to find a suitably bashed-up looking doppelganger toy dog on eBay.

    When you say you "did your bit", did you join in the #lostteddy tweeting? That's so nice!

  • Did my bit! Reminds me of a holiday in Ibiza when we put signs up of 'have you seen my elephant' for my sons teddy that he loved and always slept with, I think my wife and I were more upset than him - then we found him three days later under the covers at the bottom of his bed, the maid must have missed him when she made the bed! We were very relieved!

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