Talkback: Parents face jail for taking kids on term-time holiday


  • Is there going to be a just giving page set up for this family? I would gladly give a donation. Why should they have to pay to give their children a quality family experience.
  • Travelling broadens the mind , children learn geography :different countries,climates,different cultures and so much more,maths:exchange rates ,excursion rates ,what not, every experience is an opportunity to learn .children will learn whether they are sitting in a class room or out in the sun . It should be the head teachers decision ,who should be granted holiday in term time.when we have taken our children on holiday We have taken work ,provided by the teacher , with us.Every evening they would have to write about their day ,it is great reading years down the line .Why should parents have to pay for the ?the travel industry needs to undergo some changes
  • I agree with the law. If it didn't exist then there would be parents putting in requests constantly to take their kids out of school during term times to save some money on their holiday and travel costs. I would prefer headteachers spending their time on my child's education instead of reviewing constant requests for parents to take kids out of school during term time. I believe headteachers have better things to do.

    Don't get me wrong, I like to save money on my holiday and travel costs just as much as everyone else but not at the expense of my child's education. I understand the educational value of holidays and traveling but that should be 'added' value as it isn't part of the education curriculum.

    On a side note, if the family in the above article can truly PROVE they booked the holiday before the law became public or even came into effect then this should be considered 'exceptional circumstances' - I do have a heart.
  • I do get that children need to attend school but I think one week out per year is realistic. Its not just the kids dates but also the rest of the family who need to be considered. Both me and the hubs work and operate on tight deadlines and trying to accomodate all our dates to have a family holiday that we can actually afford often feels like an impossible task! Does anybody else find the same?

  • My partner in the merchant navy and he is away for long periods at a time, so it's hard for us to plan a holiday around him working, our litte one isnt at school yet but when she starts it seven e even harder to plan round both of them. 

  • This law is wrong. I think limited family holidays outside normal school holidays should be allowed at the discretion of a headteacher who should look at the child's academic performance before granting the request.
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