Talkback: Parents fined £1000 for term-time holiday


  • OMG £1000 fine? That is outragous. is that normal?

  • Outragous!!! Its ok for the MP's who can afford to take their kids away during the summer holidays but most of the gentrel population cannot afford the hyped up prices that the holiday compancy's charge!.
  • I work as a Manager in a Pub/Restaurant on Anglesey. School holidays are our busiest periods & part of my contract is that I am not allowed to take leave at these times. This lands me in a very awkward situation. I would have no option other than to take my child out of school. Luckily I have a good boss who allows me to have the spring half term off
  • I think it is wrong to fine parents who take children on holiday during term-time. I could not have afforded to take my family on holiday during the school holidays as these dates are peak times for holidays and therefore incur peak rate charges. My daughter has a first class science honours degree and is now a teacher herself so I don't think missing a couple of weeks (especially as she was never off sick) has done her any harm.
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