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Talkback: Facebook rant about school holiday costs goes viral


  • Good for Paul Cookson for speaking up for us, IF your child has a fantastic attendance, IF the time picked is NOT of any importance during the term time for instance the last few days when all they do is play and watch movies etc.. If your child is up to date with their school work,then there should be no reason why you as a PARENT you shouldn't be able to take your OWN child out of school.. Not only are the holiday prices robbing, but you go down the Cornwall for instance and the price of FOOD, CAR PARKS,ACTIVITY PARKS every thing else goes up in price as well ??.. PLUS you have to deal with the fact EVERY WHERE is rammed packed with people, and horribly busy all the time. Plus after all that for the high price you have paid you probably end up with a holiday full of RAIN ! ... So was it all worth it ? I say, if you stick to the rules and keep your child in school follow ALL of what is said to be done, and when your child comes out of school if they are still behind on their education, then US parents should be able to fine the school instead !.. As we kept our side of the bargian
  • I don't mind a bit of a price hike, it is business after all, but the percentage of what they go up by is totally unfair, if the government want to stop people taking their children out of school for a holiday, then they need to put a cap on how much holiday prices should raise by.
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