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Talkback: Costa apologises for refusing mum hot water to warm baby milk


  • Sadly it is a common health & safety issue...if you were to spill the hot water either at your table or on your way to the table there is a risk of burning yourself &/or others. Most places will insist that they warm the bottle for you for this reason

  • Costa always refuse hot water for our bottles even when we purchase a drink. They will warm it for you but I don't want to leave my daughters bottle with them and we use mam bottles which take longer to warm due to thick Base on bottle. As a result we have a tommee tippee bottle warming thermos with has a large plastic cover over it so we warm our own bottles everywhere we go!!
  • My local Costa in Westwood Cross Thanet refused me hot water for a bottle for Health and Safety reasons, and I was a paying customer, we'd bought hot drinks and food. Luckily a nice member of staff let me have the hot water behind the counter and I went back when the bottle was ready, they just wouldn't allow it at the table
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