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Talkback: Kate and Wills face backlash for going on holiday without Prince George


  • Jessica, really??? As always one one wanting to urn everyone into a breast feeding debate!
  • I think good on them. They get quality time together and George get to spend some quality time with his grandparents.
  • I have 10 month old twins. I'd love a holiday to the Maldives! I've had 1 night away in London, which was last month, and I thought it would be heartbreakingly difficult. It wasn' was lovely to be "me" again and sleep!! A week is different...I couldn't personally do that. But, as always, Mothering is a personal thing...and really, as long as there is love and respect for your babies, it's no-ones bloody business.
  • Think the daily mail and others should wind their neck in. Am sure millions of other parents would do they same should they be in the same (financial) position. And its also personal choice, there is no right or wrong as to how soon babies should be left. The main thing here is that Prince George will be in safe hands, isnt that the most important thing?
  • why not, its only 7 days and he will be well cared for, I also left my child at roughly the same age for 9 nights, it did us the world of good as a family, feeling refreshed after the break and grandparents absolutely adored the time together also created a holiday diary for us on our return.. as for the breastfeeding is that really important! some women cant breastfeed its personal choice! go kate n wills!
  • Well why not is all I can say, the child is well cared for and I too left my child at roughly the same age for 9 days, grandparents adored having the time to spend and wrote a holiday diary, there were no concerns at all.. we came home refreshed and rejuvenated! As for breastfeeding, come on Jessica is this really important!! some women cant breastfeed for various reasons and its no ones business. Good for them, go off enjoy the few days of sleep, relaxation, George will be none the wiser!
  • whilst I couldn't do it myself (and yes, I did breast feed both babies, ha ha!!), it's got nothing to do with anybody else, plenty of people have babies and will leave them with anyone at a whim and no one batters an eyelid, at least they've left him with people he's close to!!
  • I have a little boy who is nearly 2 and i still haven't left him over night. I had the same thought that he isn't been breastfeed. If he was you wouldn't want to leave him as your breast would be so painful you wouldn't be able to enjoy yourself. My mum flu with us from a young age. I had been round the world 2.5 times before i was 6months old.So flying shouldn't be an excuse. It would be nice to be able to afford a holiday away though.
  • Interesting discussion regarding the fact that Kate cannot be breastfeeding George now. However, George is now about 8 months old, but the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends mothers should breastfeed "at least until one year of age and then as long as baby and mother mutually want to."
  • Surely, if the parents are happy to go & the grandparents are happy to babysit, it's naff all to do with anyone else, royral or not? It's not as tho any of them have the normal day-to-day stresses of modern families, eg. money, work etc.

    Mind you, I do find it strange, the peculiarly English trait, of having children then not raising them yourself, passing that responsibility to nannies, governesses & then boarding schools. Horses for courses, I suppose.
  • Well this says to me that kate isn't breasfeeding the prince because she wouldn't be able to leave him for a holiday as my daughter was born the same week and I wouldn't definately not be able to leave her for the feeding alone but wouldn't want to be apart anyway...shocking that the future king is not getting the best recommended milk!
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