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Talkback: School lunches: headteachers blast new 'free meals for infants' scheme


  • My daughter is in reception and we choose her lunch each day as we arrive. Her laminated name goes in the appropriate coloured tray (red, green, yellow) and then at lunchtime they are given a wristband by the teacher to wear so the kitchen staff know exactly what to give them. Seems a simple but effective way to organise little ones lunches...
  • Oh that's interesting, Sharon Fielding. Sounds like your daughter's school have found a way to get it sorted!

  • I don't understand the teachers reasoning.Surely they should have the capacity and organisation to provide all children with school meals free or paid that's what they would do if all their pupils wanted to purchase school meals wouldn't they - or would they say sorry we can't allow you to have school meals as we have enough having them already.
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