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Talkback: When does morning sickness start?


  • Thanks Twinny2: that's good advice! And lucky you. I had awful morning sickness - I'm very jealous!

  • This is my 3rd pregnancy and I have come to the conclusion that part of Morning ( afternoon or evening ) sickness is psycological. I found out I was pregnant with my first two when I was around 3 weeks pregnant and was sick from then all the way to the end ( and labour) with my daughter and with my son I felt ok and wasnt sick for my last 2 weeks of pregnancy. With this pregnancy I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was nearly 11 weeks and I as soon as I found out I started to feel that familiar feeling of nausea. I am now 23 weeks and still gagging and being sick every day at no particular time. I think that it has a lot to do with hormones etc but also a bit psycological. Certain smells set me off as well. I totally agree with Twinny2: Count it as a blessing if you don't get it!

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  • This is my first pregnancy and I'm 1-2 weeks in. I've been sick since I found out and just looking at food makes me throw up. No appetite either, not sure what to do. Could use some advice from you wonderful ladies.
  • I have been feeling like Im gonna throw up all the time and nothing is wrong and I'm always tires ans I have not taken the test yet because my mom would flip what should I do
  • I've been pretty nauseous the past week, when I eat anything from little fruit to attempting to eat a meal I get even more nauseous about 10 to 30 minutes later. I've been light headed, dizzy, and had extremely bad heartburn the other day which I never ever get. I have not bought a test, I was supposed to finish ovulating last Thursday. Nit sure what to do?
  • I am 3-4 weeks along and ive known that i was pregnant the first week i missed my period, i havent had much morning sickness, but when i do its just nausea which i think the god for, im still pretty young an cant stand getting sick
  • I didn't feel sick at all in my first trimester and then just felt a bit queasy around week 15 to 20. I was never actually sick - and that was with twins. My advice would be not to worry if it doesn't happen to you - it's a blessing!
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