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Talkback: Mum gets criminal record after taking son out of school to be with dying granddad


  • Thanks for your comment, Elena1234. We're so sorry to hear about your mum.

  • my family just lost both my parents in one yr and my nieces school didnt give permission to go to the funeral which is in South Africa. Now almost 10months later we have the same problem with my sister inlaws father who has 6months to live and the school yet again had issues as her family too is in south Africa... now tell me this... would u go or would u stay? this time they just left and I gave the school. the letter in which we were informed that the matter will be taken further... disgraceful!
  • If the child wants to say "goodbye" to a family relative they should be allowed to do so. By denying them this right this will stay with them for the rest of their lives. This is not "I am taking my child on holiday and I will pay for the fine" - this is a family member dying. I think Made for Mums should find out for all of us what "exceptional circumstances" are? We cannot challenge this until we know what the boundaries are. I looked at google some councils define a dying relative as exceptional circumstances some councils do not define at all.
  • I think we are now living in a nazi run society. How heartless of the school to not give permission to a family when a relative is dying. I had a similar carry on with the school a few years back.

    I needed the day off to travel to manchester to see my mum as she was very ill and I wanted to take my son to see her. All I got was a lecture about how my son was missing out as it was sports day. Sadly my mum passed away. I really do think schools need educating as they are power mad and they love the authority over parents or as my best friend once said its power without mercy.
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