Talkback: Mum hits back at judgy strangers on Facebook


  • As a Mum I actually agree with some of the people who made those comments... I appreciate that she may have felt upset that so many people passed comment in one day, but I do think that 3 year olds are too old for dummies, and I do think that when possible they should be encouraged to walk as much as possible... but I wouldn't say anything to the parent... and I wouldn't frown... I would just feel sorry for her for been held ransom to her kid, which clearly has its own way... and is placated rather than parented.
  • I applaud you for this Bridget. I myself have been in situations like this before and i have walked away embarrassed and doubting how i am as a mother. All children have there bad days but if they start to play up or throw tantrums in public, a lot of people look at us as the bad parent for trying to control or child. It really annoys me when i get dirty looks for scooping my child off the floor and trying to fight her in to her pram when shes having a tantrum, but they would be stirring and commenting even more if we left our child to throw there tantrum and cause havoc.
  • so what if her child has a dummy at 3yrs old.. she explains that her daughter needed comfort. and I feel for bridget as we all as mums have had those days. To those far superior opinionated people with nothing else. tp. do but judge, u were a toddler and gave your parents hell! Give a mum a break and ask to jelp instead of being a jackass!
  • Good for you Bridget. There are too many nosey arrogant gawping judgmental people in this world.

    Lets hope your letter goes someway to shutting them up.

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