Talkback: Mum's Instagram account reinstated after she's banned for posting pic of toddler's tummy


  • This is precisely the kind of over-zealous censorship that we are trying to fight. Always by corporations with no or limited accountability to anyone for their actions, with American organisations being the worst (just think Facebook!) They give no thought to the consequences of their prejudice with regard to breastfeeding rates or helping parents develop potty training methods that work. Encouraging prudish attitudes as those demonstrated by Instagram certainly doesn't help!

    I said that American organisations seem to be the worst. American society is full of contradictions and one of these is their attitude to nudity. A symptom of this the way they often consider someone wearing underwear to be nude or naked, so the picture at the top of this page would be seen by many Americans as being of a nude child!

    The other aspect that concerns us is the assumption that a naked child is automatically something sexual, rather than innocent as you rightly put in the article. Make this fallacious assumption too often and people will start to believe it and that is dangerous.
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