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Talkback: MadeForMums competition winners



  • Congrats esther james 2!

    And no, panic not: you should get an email from the company who are despatching the prize within the next few days.

    If you haven't heard anything by the end of the week, please do let us know by mailing [email protected]

  • Hi again,

    I'm sorry to bother you but my prize still hasn't arrived & I've tried emailing several time to the address you gave me but I keep getting a delivery failed notification.
  • You're not bothering us at all, Samantha Atherton! We want to sort this out as much as you do.

    Sorry to hear you're getting a bounce back from the email address. Are you def typing contactus? Only asking because my computer and phone both autocorrect contactus to contacts - which is blinking annoying!

    In any case, we'll get on to the PRs who are supposed to be dispatching this prize first thing in the morning - and we'll update you as soon as we've talked to them.

  • Oh I feel so embarrassed I've just checked and your right it had auto corrected to 'contacts', I didn't even think to check it as I'd copy & pasted it.

    thank you for your help.

  • Ha! Don't worry, Samantha Atherton - I only know about it because I do it all the time myself!

    Right, we'll make sure we get onto this first thing in the morning.

    I'm going to edit your last post to remove your email address (don't want any passing internet weirdos to bombard your inbox with stuff) but I have kept a note of it, in case we need it tomorrow.

    Speak to you then!

  • I see I have won a Little People first bithday playsets very excited is there anything I need to do my end - Thanks everyone
  • Congrats, piggy11

    And no, just sit tight: you should be contacted by the PR who's despatching the prize within the next few days.

  • ohhh im on the Sunglasses winners list.. i cannot wait to receive my prize.. thanks guys
  • Hello i have won a Kozi Kidz festival rainwear sets but nothing has come through the post yet? do i have to send my contact details in or do you already have them thanks, Helen Wakeley
  • Congrats, missk9!

    Helen Wakeley2: Congrats to you, too! And no, no need to do anything - your prize should arrive in the next week or two (we gather your details from your comp entry - oh, and it's all secure, by the way: we don't see anybody's details unless you've won)

    Any problems, though, do drop us a mail at [email protected]

  • Whoop Whoop have won a Fisher Price Rainforest rocker Yay thanks
  • :( no win again
  • Congrats aj2934

    And, aw, sorry you didn't win, pink1986. Do keep entering our comps though - your name HAS to come up some day, doesn't it? (optimistic smile).

  • I won Tomy Boon weaning kit 30/7 not had anything yet, do you know if it has been sent? x
  • Hello olivia kirby2. We're sorry your weaning kit hasn't arrived yet: that's absolutely not as it should be.

    We've contacted the folks at Tomy and reminded them that they need to get these prizes sent out ASAP. 

    We've contact them again on Monday - to make sure they're doing that.

  • Thankyou for chasing for me. It's not here yet so will get back in touch in a week if it's not here, thanks again!! x
  • Hi , I won a Winnie The Pooh bundle in the 30/7/14 winners list , but it hasn't arrived yet . Has there been a delay ? Sheila
  • Hi shenaylor. Sorry to hear that your Winnie the Pooh bundle hasn't arrived yet - that sounds very odd.

    We'll check what's happening and come back to you.

  • Thanks Helen

  • Checking daily to see if my name happens to appear. Would love to win something for my little boy
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