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Talkback: MadeForMums competition winners



  • Hi the Tomy Boon weaning set hasn't arrived yet from 30/07 - shall I email you or have they not been sent yet? xx
  • Hi shenaylor. Sorry this is causing issues!

    We've just spoken to the Tomy PR today and they say they despatched the prize to you on August 20th.

    Why don't you pop us an email on [email protected] and we'll try to work out what's happened.
  • No problem Danielle , have emailed as requested .

  • Hi Danielle! My prize arrived yesterday!! I hope they didn't dispatch that long ago as it didn't reach me, this must have been a replacement?

    Thanks very much for the help - the stuff is lovely, I used some today x
  • Hi olivia kirby2 - fantastic news - so glad it finally arrived and sorry for the delay! Enjoy!

  • Received a lovely surprise of a Pom Bear Hamper today, so pleased, been entering 'made for mums' competitions for nearly 3 years and never won now. Thankyou so much :-)
  • Aw, Caroline Williams2, that's great news! Congrats! And here's to the next win, eh? :)

  • No win again :( looking through it always seems to be the same people winning
  • Aw, we're sorry you didn't win this time, pink1986.

    We can assure you, though, that the process for picking the winners is as free from human bias as we can make it. 

    Everyone who enters the comp is assigned a number and then all those numbers are pumped into a 'random number generator' which, as its name suggests, selects one number at random from all the numbers that have been pumped in. And that number is then cross-referenced to see which person it was assigned to.

    It's an entirely machine-led process: it's just not possible for any of us here to influence what number is chosen and whose number that is (even if we wanted to - which we really don't!).

    We hope that reassures you. And we wish you loads of luck with the comps that are coming up!

  • Iv just noticed my name on the win for Argos outdoor toys. How do I know if this is me or someone with same name? If it is me my daughter willbe over the moon finger crossed
  • Hi Jem289! send us over an email at [email protected] and we will have a look for you. :)

  • I've won a Lorna Drew Lingerie Set.

    Many thanks and cant wait to receive it :)
  • Many thanks for the Lindam travel bundle. It was only announced on 9th October and has already arrived. Now that is great service.
  • Ooh, that's great, Nazir: always nice to hear of prizes that get there super-quick!

    And congrats, today: hope your prize gets to you soon!

  • Just wondering if I could have confirmed if I am a winner, my name appears on the Luck Uglies section but no prize received.
  • Hi Siren13577

    Hmm, that doesn't sound good. You should have received your prize by now.

    We'll get someone to chase this up on Monday for you.

  • Hi siren13577, we've been told the Luck Uglies prizes are being sent out today, so hopefully should be with you in a few days. Please do holler if this is not the case.

  • Hi I think I won a fisher price smart stages chair, not had an email or anything, do I need to do anything yet
  • Hi Tracey! You did indeed win a chair,Congrats! It should be with you in 28 days, if you don't receive it by then,drop us a message! x

  • Hi has the fisher price comp been drawn yet with the chair, car and puppy? Thanks x
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