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Talkback: MadeForMums competition winners



  • Hi pink1986,

    We list all our winners here for the past three months: Winners

    Have a look and see if you've won anything.

    Good luck!

  • I've looked this comp closed this month so thought would be drawn with the ones that just went up yesterday and it's not there.
  • Hi pink1986, this just means the comp hasn't been drawn yet.

    Keep an eye on this page and the winners will be announced within the next few weeks.

    Good luck!

  • Phew thanks lol fingers and toes crossed really wanting the car for my son at Xmas he would love it
  • Hi. I was named as a winner of the Good snacking goodies from Ella's Kitchen on 3/11/14 but nothing's arrived yet. Just wondered if it should be here by now. Thanks.
  • Hi valpownall, that doesn't sound right at all. Please drop us a quick email with your details at [email protected] and we will look into that for you pronto.

  • Hi I've seen that I've won 1 of the 9 Tomy Boon Weaning Bundles

    Winners announced 17/11/14

    I haven't yet received my prize & wondered if would be able to let me know when they will or have been sent out?


    Sandra Bald

    Sandra Bald
  • Hi sandrab, please pop us over an email at [email protected] and we will look into this for you!

  • hi I have wok on the California's raisins comp. is there any way I can still claim as I never had any email or notification about it thanks
  • Hi mim86, we've just been chatting via email at the [email protected] address - we'll email you back shortly as soon as we have news.

  • Hi

    I think I may have been selected as one of the winners of the Octonauts Gup-S Toys but I haven't had an email asking for my address or anything. Can you confirm if I am a winner and when the prize should be arriving please? Thanks x
  • Hi Sharon Curran if you pop us over an email at [email protected] we will look into this for you. 

  • Wow! I've just taken delivery of two huge boxes containing Fisher-Price Imaginext goodies. I hadn't noticed the online listing showing that I had won, so it's been a wonderful surprise. There was a note enclosed saying that the original prize had been unavailable, so replacement items of the 'Superheroes' sets and the Firestation & engine had been sent instead. To be honest, much as I liked the original, I think that the replacement is even better.

    Thanks for a fantastic surprise!
  • Oh motleyalice - what a fab surprise! So glad you liked the prizes, even if they weren't the original ones!

  • hi just going through your list of winners and saw my name .its for the winnie the pooh( balloon light show,jiggle with me pooh) i realise there is more than just me with my name and if there was a county next to the name it would help but there isn't .would it be possible to check for me? angela evans, northants.thanks
  • Hi angiemoon, Unfortunately it was another Angela Evans who won the competition. You are totally right though, now that we are putting winners counties alongside their names it will be a lot easier to see if you have won future competitions! Wishing you lots of luck!

  • Hi, this is a bit random I know but could you let me know if I won a meat thermometer from here? I've received 1 in the post but for the life of me I don't think know where it's come from so thinking maybe here? X
  • Hi Stephy11. To be honest, meat thermometers don't ring any bells with me, as far as recent MadeForMums comp prizes go. But we will check for you on Monday.

    Was there no note with your parcel, then? 

  • Wahoo, just had a nice surprise through the post of £100 Bella Italia vouchers. Thankyou x
  • Hi, it says a Rachel Richardson won the fisher price take along and seat. Was that me or another one?! Thanks xxx
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