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Talkback: MadeForMums competition winners



  • Hi ciderchickxxx, can you pop us an email over with your details to [email protected] and we'll look into this for you right away?

  • Hi, just wondering if anyone else has received their fisher price madeformeme prize yet. My name is there but I haven't heard anything. Thanks
  • Hi Lilo18, please drop us an email to [email protected] and we'll look into this for you. 

  • Hi, I have emailed but haven't heard anything back yet in relation to the madeformeme comp as I still haven't received anything (an email, or through the post) Thanks
  • Hi Lilo18, that's an odd one as we've not had an email through - would you mind ever so much popping us over another one?
    Don't fret though, email or not, we'll look into this for you. We can see the winners were announced 29 July and we do say to allow 28 days for prizes to arrive, but as we're only  few days shy of that, we'll look into this for you and see what we can find out.

  • Fab thanks Danielle, wasn't sure how long the delivery was on stuff. I'll email again and wait and see if anything turns up in the mean time. Sorry to be a pain in the backside lol thanks for all your help
  • Thank you so much for our prize of a mountain buggy set! We are over the moon! Came as a complete surprise today when it was delivered! didn't even realise we had won! Thank you :)
  • Hi

    I think I've been selected as one of the winners of the Win a ticket to LEGO® Juniors Masterclass at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort competition.

    I haven't had any email requesting my address details or giving any details of what the prize actually includes. Can someone confirm exactly what I've won and if you need my address details?
  • Hi Sharon Curran, pop us an email over to [email protected] about this, and we'll give you the ins and outs.

  • Ooooooh how exciting. Have just sent an email over the address given.
  • Hi sorry to bother you. Can you tell me if the Jacqueline Wilson Christmas Gift Bundles have been dispatched yet. Many thanks Lucy Robinson
  • Hiya lucyrobinson, thanks for your post. Would you mind popping us an email over to [email protected] so we can look into this comp further for you? We suspect prizes are yet to be despatched yet due to Christmas, but once we receive your email, we'll try and find out for sure!

  • Hi, my name is on the winners list for

    Win 1 of 15 Fisher-Price My Friend Bing toys worth £39

    Katherine Fensom, Devon

    I'm still waiting to receive this.
  • Hi, I received my Braun thermometer on Friday, many thanks! X
  • Hiya kat7, sorry, we've only just spotted your post. Has your prize arrived now, and if it hasn't, would you mind popping us an email over to [email protected] so we can look into this comp further for you?

    Great news brummymum, lovely to see your name pop up!

  • just had my winning pushchair delivered 1st thing I have ever won absolutely delighted just shows if I can win anyone can :-)
  • Hooray ktp2007, we are so pleased for you! Hope some of your luck rubs off on me!

  • ive won a 7 night holiday!!!! woooooohoooooo so excited!!
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