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Talkback: MadeForMums competition winners



  • Congrats Jenny28!

    Really hope you have a great time.

  • hi

    please could you find out for me when the mabyland headrest and footmuff will be coming,its been quite a while and i havent heard anything yet,many thanks,fi
  • Hi bikerfiona

    Sorry to hear you're still waiting for you prize. That's very odd because the Mabyland PR told us last week all the prizes had been despatched.

    Could you pls drop us a mail at [email protected]? And we'll just make sure we've got all the right contact details for you.

  • hi helen

    thanks for sorting this out in record time.i have just had delivery of the prize so all well that ends well,many thanks again
  • Yay - that's great news bikerfiona.

    So glad to hear it's arrived!

  • Think

    I'm a winner of potty training system could you Check
  • Hi Murraysj

    Don't think we've had a potty training system comp for a bit (but I may well be wrong). Do you remember when it was - roughly?

  • Tomy Disney Potty Training Systems

    Closed 10th April thanks
  • When do the comp winners get announced? I am forever checking in and it's never updated. The comps that closed 27th June :)
  • Hello, pink1986. We'll give our comps person a nudge for you - and come and update you when we know more.

  • Nudge done, pink1986: the winners will go up this afternoon.

    Apols for the delay: our very lovely comps person was on her hols and us numpties left behind in the office completely forgot to update the winners' page while she wasn't here.

    murraysj: thanks for those details. And that's odd, especially as that comp closed so long ago. We'll have a poke around in our records and come back to you.

  • Hi murraysj

    We've had a look into this and you were one of the winners! We've forwarded your details to the prize supplier who are going to look into it and will be in touch with you soon.

  • Thbnkyou appreciated
  • Thank you :) I didn't win :( well done winners x
  • Hi, do you know if the winners of the Boon bathtime bundles will of received there prizes yet? My names there but I haven't had anything in the post yet.

  • Hi SamanthaAtherton: we think all the Boon bathtime bundles have just been despatched, so you should get yours pretty soon. 

    If you don't get it in the next day or so, do please drop us a line at [email protected] and we'll do our best to sort you out.

  • That's great , thank you.
  • Arrived today thank you
  • Woo Hoo, I have won a pair of sunglasses
  • I haven't had an email though. Do I need to do anything?
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