Talkback: Have these Asda Halloween costumes gone too far?


  • i totally agree ,some of the halloween costumes i"ve seen this year are certainly not age 7 yr old grand-daughter got quite spooked by them when we were shopping for her outfit.she didn"t choose any of the gory fact she hated even if she had I would"nt have bought it for her! she chose a traditional old-fashioned spooky .spider witch.I think the light-up skirt had something to do with her choice!!
  • Thank you for highlighting the issue.

    Here is the link to the petition, if you agree these costumes are inappropriate perhaps you would like to sign the petition and share it.
  • I absolutely agree and had even mentioned to my husband how gory and inappropriate some of the outfits were, not only in Asda, but also in other stores like Wilko's. In my opinion children should have age-appropriate outfits - zombie films usually have 15 or 18 certificates so so should these costumes!

    I even saw a post from one mum on a buying/selling site looking for a 'Chucky the Killer Doll' outfit for her two-year old...sick!!!!!

    Whatever happened to a sheet with holes cut out for eyes, or a witch's hat and green face paint if you were lucky? I don't mind Hallowe'en, it's good fun and trick-or-treating and getting dressed up, eating hot dogs and playing party games is all part of it - but these outfits are ridiculous.

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