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Talkback: 10 of the best travel system compatible double buggies


  • Hi there tuds.

    Are you referring to the very first image of this article? The woman pushing the double buggy? If so, it's called the Easywalker Duo.

    This buggy is super exclusive so only available at one Mothercare store, located at Westfield shopping centre. I'm afraid they don't even stock it online - hence why we did not include this buggy in the actual article, as it can prove a little tricky to get hold of.

    If this is not the buggy you're referring to, please let us know and we'll see if we can help.

  • Thank you for your reply - how annoying as it looks perfect for me!!!! Anything similar you can recommend?
  • Hi Tuds,
    Yes! Our reviews editor Hazelann has said this:

    I would recommend the Mountain Buggy Duet, it looks almost exactly the same as the Easywalker and it allows parents to do the same thing as the Easywalker in the main picture – meaning the car seats can sit of the chassis at different heights.  The differences between the two is the Duet is lighter and slimmer, Mountain Buggy sells the Duet on being as slim as a single buggy: Mountain Buggy Duet Easywalker Duo  Weight – 15.5kg 17kg Age range - 0–4 years  0-3 years Width 63cm 106cm The review on the Duet will be published within the next couple of weeks so it will give a more detailed view as it is a new buggy on the market.

    We hope that helps Tuds
  • Hi, I can't find any reviews for the My child easy stroller online, nor can I find anyone who has one!! Can you point me in direction of a review, or has MFM done one to award it 3rd best twin? Thanks.
  • Hi Aries123, thanks for your question, but we're afraid we have not carried out any reviews on the stroller you are looking for. Sorry we can't be of more help this time. 

  • Please could you post details of the stroller featured on this page as I cannot find it anywhere and it looks perfect for my needs. Thanks
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