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Talkback: Annabel Karmel's baby biscotti for teething tots


  • Hi emmasfabulous. Thanks so much for your comment - and fair point!

    But you can't make a biscuit with some sugar.

    What we wanted to do – and Annabel Karmel came up trumps for us here, we think – was provide an easy recipe for homemade teething biscuits that uses just a few simple ingredients.

    There is sugar – light brown sugar – in it, yes, but not ridiculous amounts for a biscuit, we think. We're pretty sure that many of the 'manufactured' teething biscuits you can buy would have far more sugar in them than these ones.

    Obviously, if you want to avoid giving your baby sugar (and we know many of us do), teething biscuits are probably something to body swerve – there are lots of teething toys and rattles out there that you could use as an alternative for a small one who want to chew down on something hard.

    Thanks again for your comment. We always appreciate feedback, good and bad!

  • Just what baby needs for their new teeth. Sugar.
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