Talkback: Tasty tuna fish cakes


  • Hi Jodie14, thanks for the question. We're going to look into finding out the answer for you and will come and post as soon as we have one. 

  • Hi Jodie14, we recommend freezing them before you cook them but to be honest, we're not sure about freezing them once cooked (though we suspect it's OK).

    Unfortunately, our cookery whizz is away on her Christmas hols at the moment so we can't check for you but we will come back with an answer as soon as she's back in the New Year. So sorry that we can't be of more help to you right now.

  • Hi Jodie14, we're sorry for the delay in coming back to you, but we finally have the answer - we'd recommend reheating these fishcakes using an oven, rather than a microwave. 

  • Hey I have made a batch of these fish cakes and have cooked them all. If I was to freeze these could I microwave them to reheat them or do you think that's bad idea? Thanks

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