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Talkback: Teacher's lunchbox note slams mum's food choices


  • Hi, I'm a mum and a teacher, early years specialist and primary. The teachers at this kindy must have good reason to have decided they need to send home notes like this as teachers don't generally want to create angst among families. Perhaps they have been seeing quite a lot of poor food choices for the children they teach. I have seen many children I have worked with over 16 years consistently fed a poor diet, sometimes this verges on negligent. Now I'm not saying the occasional jam sandwich is negligence but actually, we are the adults, we make the decisions and it is our job to make intelligent decisions on our children's behalves. I witnessed my parents utterly fail to do this with my youngest sister, with quite disastrous results in her adulthood. I have also had to keep a stock of bread and healthy sandwich fillings in my desk drawer for children who too frequently turn up to school with no food at all. This affects their learning, their attention, their ability to function. This affects their relationships, their ability to maintain friendships, ultimately, their HAPPINESS. I know that might sound a bit dramatic, but it is true. I know it is not always easy, remember, I'm a parent too, but taking the 'easy' way out for a 'peaceful' life is not the way. Grow some backbone, parents, and feed your children properly.
  • Hi,I am an expectant mum. I would not be at all happy if I got a note like this in my child's lunch box, for a start these people are teachers not qualified nutritionalists so what right do they have to tell parents what they feed their child?? They have a duty of care to ensure their safety and ensure learning they do not have any right to be telling parents what to feed their children. As long as the lunch box has a balanced amount of food in it then 1 chocolate slice really wouldn't have hurt. I certainly wouldn't accept a note like this for my child!
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