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Talkback: Cheesy pasta with broccoli


  • Very helpful article image

  • When a recipe calls for milk, should it be baby’s usual milk (i.e. breast milk / formula) or can other milks such as cow’s, soya, coconut, etc. be used?
  • Hi Sam EP, thanks for your question. The milk in this recipe can be cow's, soya, or whatever your preferred milk be - it doesn't need to be breastmilk or formula. We hope this helps, and please do check out our totally free weaning app which you can find on Android or Apple - just search for MadeForMums Weaning and it'll pop up. 

  • Easy peasy 😂🙈 added the pasta (cook time 8-10 minutes), after 10 minutes on low heat it still wasn't cooked and the milk had stuck to the bottom of the pan! 😬
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