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Talkback: 'My child is not required to share with yours': mum's viral post is dividing the internet


  • I completely agree with this. No child needs to share with strangers. I teach my boys to share with their friends and that's it. When my boys meet new children or adults I let them decide when they're comfortable enough to share. And I will certainly never tell my child off for not being ready when other children are demanding it. Where I agree it's important to teach children about sharing and kindness, it's also important for them to know that sometimes, it's okay to have something just for them!
  • I do agree with what she's saying is annoying when this happens...the children bringing their own toys out is for them to play with or to show their friends not to HAVE to share with children they don't know. While I am a big fan of sharing I would never force any child to share if they didn't want's up to them and it helps them to make their own decisions. However if it is in other circumstances such as at a nursery school or a friend has been invited to play in their house as a play date then yes they should share.
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