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Talkback: 8 things to check when you visit a childminder


  • Hi Lenne Wheeler, thank you so much for your feedback on this article. We're definitely going to look at editing it again, as soon as we can, as you make such valid points. 

  • Hi Lenne Wheeler, just to let you know we've updated this article. Thanks so much for highlighting these points.
  • Being a childminder myself, I have to say that I personally would never have a new parent visit me 'at the right time of day' because:

    1) when I am being paid to care for an educated someone else's child I cannot be having an hour long conversation (possibly more) with a potential parent,

    2) explanations of what happens during the day as well as appropriate paperwork take time to look through and explain so is never rushed and during this time having 3 children under 5 is not something I want to spend time on when the children need me,

    3) unless people are coming to fix something that is necessary for my household to function properly I prefer not to have strangers in my home when minded children are there,

    4) I like to be calm and ensure I get all my selling points across to potential parents while they or I are not disturbed, which gives both parties a better understanding of what I offer as a service,

    5) none of my parents I have had, have come during my working hours because I am working,

    6) if parents would like to have a look around they are welcomed to do so and then get my current parents details from me (with their permission of course) to ask how they find my service and how they feel I care for their little ones.

    I understand that parents want to see what's happening with children, but they should know that we as childminders take the safety of our children very seriously and our homes are just that, our homes. We cannot call ourselves childminders without the relevant paperwork which is always on display (this is a requirement). Parent should trust that I know what I am doing and that I, like nurseries and schools are regulated by Ofsted. There is no need to check my cupboards for locks or if my detergents have been locked away because this isn't done anywhere else, so why should this be done in my home? I hope this message doesn't come across as negative as it is not my intention but know that I am passionate about the career that I have chosen. My offering is a home away from home and the children who come to my setting are not one of many, they are individuals and each are special in their own way.
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