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Talkback: British Airways - a family guide


  • British airways is making it very clear they don't encourage children traveling on their flights. as a regular passenger both with and without children I have a lot of experience traveling with BA.

    we've flown from London to New York at least once a year with our children, 2 boys and last summer with our baby daughter as well.

    I've been online to look at flights for February as my husband needs to go to the usa for work... we are trying to decide whether just the two of us go or should we bring the children as well during half term? I looked at flights for 2 adults to fly from Heathrow to Miami to Washington DC then to New York and back to Heathrow. The price for two adults came up at £7,000 in Club world. when I started a new search with all the exact same details just added my infant to the itinerary the price for my husband and I shot up to £10,000 (!!!) and the infant only costing £471 plus taxes etc. they realised they couldn't charge an additional £3000 for the infant so they tacked that onto the adults and kept the child fare in the same price realm as their competitors.

    I suppose they figure a family traveling with children wont be searching to flight prices without the children included and therefore not realise the adult fee goes up SUBSTANTIALLY when you add children to your itinerary!

    what a shock.... i'll be heading to Virgin or United to get to the USA. not impressed British airways!!!
  • The seating part of this for BA is not correct for infants. If you're thinking of flying with BA...

    I have been trying to seek an answer from BA for almost a year as to why a baby seat on their transatlantic flight last summer was booked out six months in advance to a person without a child, so nobody with an infant under 2 could use it (and the bassinet).

    After several rounds of me asking and BA answering different questions, BA keeps saying in writing - contrary to the BA website - that:

    child/carrycot seats are not reservable only for people travelling with children; and

    they are subject to availability on board the aircraft ON THE DAY and are allocated on a first-come first-serve basis on the day (not true) and advised getting to the airport early (despite being there as check-in opened). This still doesn't explain why they gave the only child seat on that plane to an able-bodied middle-aged woman.

    I'd think twice about flying again with BA with an infant - the reality is they've gone down hill.
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