Talkback: Legoland Windsor review, queue tips and money saving ideas


  • hi this is really useful thank you. I'm trying to work out if it's worth getting the q-bot for my husband and 3 year old. What rides can you use them on? Because if they are mostly the rides for older children I think we will leave it. It doesn't help that we are going in the summer holidays either. Thank you
  • This is a really useful article. We have Merlin passes and visit legoland often. I would recommend taking your own food as it saves queuing and you can eat as you go or take time out for a picnic. The last hour of the day the queues always drop in size so its well worth holding out to the end. Also know how long your kids will queue for. If a ride has a really long queue skip it and do something else. Little kids have no idea what rides are there. They wont know if you miss one so try not to worry about doing every ride and just enjoy the ones you do get done.

    Santas sleep over or the christmas event is a great way to enjoy legoland at a quieter time. Not all the rides are open but a good selection are
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