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Talkback: Helen Flanagan: Why I like to co-sleep with my 2-year-old


  • Same here, Kitkat! My little one refused the co-sleeper from the word go (she wouldn't even go in the cot in the hospital after she was born!). She may go down in the cot at the beginning of the night now, but she'll end up in bed with us after her first wake because she'll scream continuously otherwise. .

    And this is what frustrates me about the blanket advice on no co-sleeping - many don't have a choice (not unless they want to lose their sanity!) and I am certain it would be safer for health visitors to go through the co-sleeping guidance with new parents, rather than insisting it shouldn't happen. Plus help new mums with advice on helping to get the more challenging babes into cots.

    As it is, it can be absolutely safe - and as it turns out, very lovely - to sleep next to your baby. While I continue to plug away at getting her to sleep in her own cot at night, I will look back on our co-sleeping as the most wonderful bonding time.
  • I have co slept with my boy since he was 4 weeks old (he is now 6 months). We got the beautiful moses basket to go next to bed, but he would only sleep in our arms. We tried to put him in the basket after he fell to sleep on us & he screamed every time we put him down (I'm talking heart wrenching tears)We then got a co sleeper after 4 weeks on me surviving on 4 x 1/2 hour naps a day & he still won't sleep in it to this day. He will only sleep next to me in bed where he can just roll over for his night time snack. We keep the co sleeper attached to our bed & kept trying to put him in every couple of weeks, but he just woke up crying every time, so I gave up trying as it was just upsetting for both of us. I know a lot of people will tell me to use the cry it out method of sleep training, but thats not an option for me, i cannot bare to hear my boy crying when i know i can do something about it. I have so much respect for those parents that can! You are stronger then me! We always follow the rules of co sleeping & most of my partners colleagues have co slept too. I think a lot of people do it and don't talk about it enough as its frowned upon by health officials. I think as long as you are safe and thoughtful about your sleeping habits and how they will affect your child (eg I used to sleep with lots of pillows & now I don't) then it can be a nice experience.
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