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Talkback: Mums campaign for Lego figures with disabilities


  • I have worked in EYFS and children use Lego for imaginative play and often they make wheelchairs and walking stocks using the small Lego pieces.
  • Amie: it would be cool if they could make like a base wheelchair, that could have lots of different minifigures put in it, rather than the two being stuck together (cos that's not always how it is in real life), then people could buy lego wheelchairs/walking sticks/canes etc separately, to put with their own figurines.

    P.s MFM, I think that elf has a white cane, not a walking stick 😂
  • The reason why this may be a complicated think to do with Lego minifigures is because all the bodies are the same shape and the heads are designed with different expressions and themes which would be difficult for Lego to design for disability in mind. All parents of the children who are bullying just need to be educate as well as education in pre-schools.
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