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Talkback: Bolton mum's SUPER sweary rant calls her mates out on their perfect-not-perfect parenting


  • Was it just me that read that rant in a Trainspotting Scottish accent? There is no need to swear this much. And if her kids are swinging from the rafters and stealing then she is in for a whole world of trouble when they're older. Yes, let kids be kids but teach them right from wrong and set boundaries. Not all kids eat chicken nuggets and stay up past 7pm. But if yours do then don't be smug about it. It doesn't make you a better person. And likewise having "perfect" kids doesn't make you Queen Mum either!!
  • I thought this was Brilliant. It’s her opinion (and the opinion of many may I add!) and we live in a nation where free speech should be cherished! If you don’t like it, scroll on by...
  • Wow, get your point across but the swearing actually makes me think, is this how u talk to your kids or do they hear u like this in a convo with someone. I think she’s really stressed out and taking it out on the other mums in social media. Feel better now love?
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