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Talkback: Mum-to-be's pics show how much bigger your bump can get at night


  • I definitely feel the same... By night I feel my tummy has expanded and my skin is stretching to accommodate this. When I wake up in the Morning, my tummy is all in as though I am not pregnant at all!...
  • Yep! Im 9 weeks and in the morning my tummy is almost flat, but by 4pm i have a definite baby bump!
  • I am also 9 weeks 3 days pregnant
    On a morning small squishy bump by the afternoon i look 6 months pregnant
  • I'm 10 weeks an 3 days with my 2and baby an last night looks way more pregnant then this morning I dont even look pregnant freaked me out lol so had to look up why it's doing this!
  • Thanks everyone for your comments. It's so fascinating, isn't it? If any of you are able to take pics showing how much your bump changes from morning to evening, we'd love to see them!
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