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Talkback: What age should you start potty training?


  • Hi, I really need some help with my 4yrs old son. I started potty training him nearly a year ago and as he is my third I have have found it extra hard to get him ready. He is in nursery Monday to Friday and he still isn’t “toilet Train “ as I was told the other day. We went shopping for a potty, pants also went on a adventure to find all the different kinds of toilets there is so he wasn’t scared. He started Nursery in September 2018 which we started toilet trained in the August but was told he isn’t the only one. In the last two weeks he has four wet/ poo accidents a day he isn’t great at home but sometimes he can be.. we seem to have jump back again. I need help as everyone I speak to has ran out of ideas and I’m being told he is only 4 he will get there. He starts school in September.
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