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Talkback: 11 of the best baby mattresses


  • very interesting reading your comment about baby mattresses

    i offer the following

    1) avoid memory foam in a baby mattress - foam is too toxic can cause overheating, worst of all aids pooling (collection of C02)

    2) Springs (pocket or basic) are only as good as the foam that covers them, most foam is 28kiloCMHR the best mattresses are made with 33 or even 50 kilo foam that wont dip or dent and is much more supportive . Lullaby Trust recommend a firm mattress

    all mattress covers need to be breathable and all mattress cores should be waterproof protected. not the best idea to put waterproof non breathable covers over a breathable mattress cover (put it underneath.)

    travel cot mattresses that are too deep can be a safety risk

    it will cause a trap between the soft side of the mattress and the deep edge of a travel cot then the baby pulls itself up and gets a foot stuck.

    no travel cot will come with a deep mattress in it or it would not pass a safety standard .. 4cm deep is about the limit if you wish to add some extra comfort to your travel cot.
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