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Talkback: School uniforms: which are the best (and the cheapest)?


  • Also well worth a look are NOMA school shirts and blouses. These innovative Hydrophobic Non-Iron dress shirts are completely stain-resistant. Drink spills just roll off the fabric without staining, and as they rarely get as dirty, they need less detergent to clean and last far longer too. Very low priced, even more so since I don't need to keep on buying more shirts, which is also better for the environment. They make them in boys, girls, mens and ladies sizes with different fits and colours.
  • Has anyone tried CKL School uniforms? They've been around for decades, but just through the schools, but now you can order them online. It's easy to see the difference in quality, especially with their superior fabrics - Wool and Cotton-mix knitwear, Teflon coated wovens. The Mums who use them swear nothing else washes like them - even on the high street, and when the school changed supplier, they tried contacted the manufacturer to buy them direct who now sell them online at
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