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Talkback: Your questions about labour solved


  • I'm 38 weeks and 4 days and this is my 4th child so i should really know what to expect, but just want some advice as i,ve only gone into labour naturally once (induced with first 2 at 38 weeks due to medical reasons)

    I've been losing my plug for 4 weeks now, but yesterday and today had a big show. Not blood in it just jelly clear mucus. I've been having intense BH for 3 weeks and shooting pains in cervix, but for the past week everything seems to stopping and starting. Saw midwife yesterday and baby is still only 4/5th. My thighs are aching and sore too touch, but ive had no mentral cramps only a little back ache and tightenings in my stomach. I will be induced at 40 weeks if he's not here bcause i have epilepsy. I thought the midwife would of offered a sweep yesterday, but she said she will do it next week. Im just so fed up of stuff keep stopping and starting. I just want baby here now. Sorry rant over 😊😊
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