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How much do nurseries, nannies and childminders cost?

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imageHow much do nurseries, nannies and childminders cost?

If you're going back to work and looking into childcare - which option is best value? We compare the cost of nurseries, nannies and childminders in different UK regions

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  • This feels so unfair... we live in the South East and it is over £70 per day to send our two year old to nursery. It's almost not worth working because nearly all of one of our salaries purely goes on childcare, it's crazy! I would love to know where the report took these figures from because I don't know anybody who is paying less than us for childcare
  • We know how you feel, kyyy. It's the same for many of us.
    The figures we quoted in the article came from a 2018 survey by Coram and figures compiled by - you can click through the links in the article to see the full reports.
    But we're sure there must be lots of variation within each region, with some areas being more expensive than others.
    We're so sorry that you feel this is all unfair. If it helps, when your child is 3, you may well find you qualify for 30 hours of free childcare under the government scheme.
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