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Pregnant and starting a new job

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imagePregnant and starting a new job

At what point do I have to tell my new employer I'm pregnant?

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  • Hi, I got a new job which I am starting when I am pregnant by 8 weeks. This is my permanent job. because of my permanent do they redundant my job or I will continue after my due?
  • Hi KK11. Thanks for your comment - and congratulations on your new job!
    As we understand it, and as we say in the article, it would be sexual discrimination if your employer used your pregnancy against you to dismiss you during your probationary period. 
    To qualify for maternity leave, you need to tell your employer about your pregnancy by the end of the 15th week before the baby is due.
    Hope that's helpful
  • Can someone help me as I am trying to get some type of compensation while on maternity leave but I feel as though I am on the verge of getting fired . I live in Greenville Sc an have been at my new job since August . I’m due end of February does anyone have any suggestions or pointers for help of funds!?
  • Hi @Frantic101 we're sorry we can't advise you on your situation. From where you say you are located, we think you're US based - if this is indeed the case, please note the information in this article only applies to people in the UK as that is where we are based. We do hope you get your situation sorted soon. 
  • Hi, I am due to start my new job on 1st September, leaving my old job on 31st August. My expected due date is 15th November. Can I get any statutory maternity pay?
  • Hello

    I was offered a new a new job (a government one) in early March however the process has been delayed due to the Covid-19 virus. I have an offer letter which I have signed and returned but the formal contract has yet to be issued. (Contracts are only issued after checks on the applicant have been completed successfully).
    I am now 27 weeks pregnant and I've just learnt that things are still progressing but the contract will be issued when a start date has been agreed.
    I have made several parties aware that I am pregnant but my onboarding cannot progress any faster.
    My question is, can I legally start a job but be on maternity leave from day 1? Could my employer retract the offer on the basis that I can't start the job straight away?
    My concern is not SMP (I know I am eligible for allowance though) but retaining the job until I can come back to work.

    Any advise or pointers will be greatly appreciated.
  • To add to my last post, the job in question is a permanent job, not fixed term or contract.
  • Hi @Pottsey123 thank you for your questions, but we're afraid we're not qualified to answer them and we absolutely would not want to give you incorrect information. 
    Can we suggest you contact Maternity Action who might be able to answer your questions? Please do let us know how you get on? 
  • Thank you for the pointer and responding so quickly. I will contact them today and feedback what they advise.

  • @Pottsey123 did you get any feedback? I’m in a similar situation as due to start in August TBC but I’m due baby I’m September. Would be great to know what you found out thanks!
  • Hi Louise812,

    I struggled to get through to Maternity Action after several phone calls but I did speak to a senior executive at a large multi national corporation a few weeks ago.
    In short, if you have a offer of employment (not a necessarily the contract) or something in writing to say they intend to hire you they must honour it unless:
    A) your references don't check out or
    B) the job itself is no longer available due to something like company redundancy.
    They can't decline you employment if you are on maternity leave and offer it to someone else. 

    I hope that helps.
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    I start my job on Monday 1/4/21 as a ES tech at the hospital but I am due March 14th 2021... will I still be eligible to get a leave/my job back? I’ve heard if you don’t work for the company for more than 12mon you cannot.. please lmk anything!
  • Hi @Lily098790
    Thank you for your questions, but we're afraid we're not qualified to answer, and we absolutely do not want to give you incorrect information. 
    Can we suggest you contact Maternity Action who might be able to answer your questions? Please do let us know how you get on? 
  • Hi,

    I have a new job and I am awaiting my start date. I’m also 6 weeks and 3 days pregnant. Will I be entitled to SMP
  • I’ve been in my current role for 1 year and 1 month in my local council. I have got a new job role, and myself and my partner are wanting to have a baby. My coils due out in March. How long do you think I should wait when I start my new job to get pregnant?
  • I will be 17 weeks pregnant when I start my new job as Lab Tech in a hospital full time. They do not know that im pregnant and afraid that when I tell them after the probation period, they might get rid of me. It will be a part of the union worker. But im so stress because I need a job after the baby is born.
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