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Best baby walkers

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imageBest baby walkers

It's fun to walk with these push-along toys that encourage first steps via lions, puppies and aeroplanes

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  • My toddler was gifted the stride and ride lion for his first Christmas at 9 months and it was a firm favourite. I can’t comment on it from a learning to walk perspective as he only really used it to walk when he was walking confidently already. However, he loved “feeding” the lion balls and listening to the songs. There are lots of interactive features including numbers and a cute sneeze feature when the lions nose is pressed or “tickled” as it says. My little boy found this hilarious. He was still pushing this around at almost 2 he loved it so much. It is a very robust toy which I loved as I’ve found lighter walkers have a tendency to tip. I also loved the fact that it turns into a ride on which makes it well worth the money for years of play. I would definitely reccomend this product.
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