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26 stunning Māori baby names and their meanings

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image26 stunning Māori baby names and their meanings

Brilliant baby name ideas and inspiration from Māori and New Zealand origin - for both baby boys and baby girls

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  • There is so much wrong with this list. For example, there is no 'y' in the Māori alphabet (as in Nyree - I think you mean Ngaere/Ngaire). Rua doesn't mean lake. These are only two obvious errors but there are a lot in this list. Please check your sources!
  • Hi @Pixellated
    Thank you so much for your feedback about this article, that's really helpful and we will definitely have the writer revisit this piece. We would love to speak to you some more about this article, as you definitely seem to know your stuff, so we'd love it if you dropped us an email at [email protected]
  • Kia ora, please amend this list - the name 'Nyree' is not a Māori name, the correct spelling is 'Ngaire'. Also the name Tāne has a macron over the a. I would encourage anyone considering using these names to first learn how to pronounce them correctly first before appropriating them. Also for the names specific to Aotearoa/New Zealand and the Māori language it's probably best not to use them unless you have a personal connection to Māori culture or to Aotearoa otherwise it's really just meaningless cultural appropriation. Thanks for your consideration.
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