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The Amazon baby wishlist: everything you need to know



  • @DanielleMFM Thanks super quick response and for getting in touch with Amazon. I will check all the items and give it another go.

    I'll get back to you with the result.
  • @DanielleMFM Cannot get it to work. Initially yes I did have some things in there which were not dispatched and sold by amazon.

    I swapped all ineligible ones for ones that are eligible. I have 10 items in basket. All of them show the promotion for upto 20% and all of them are dispatched and sold by amazon. The total comes up to £1266.91.

    It still gives the message "The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase"

    Doesn't show any promotion amount subtracted from total.

    Going to give up on it for now. I will call Amazon end of this month see if they can check the basket and tell me what is wrong with it.
  • Hi @Apekshita we're so sorry it didn't work for you. Our contact did tell us to pass on, that should it not work, please do get in touch with Amazon customer services - they're usually really good at responding and will hopefully work out that discount code for you.

    Will you come back and let us know what happens? 
  • @DanielleMFM Yup I will let you know what happens.

    I did after getting frustrated and out of curiosity add a 1370£ Silver Cross Stroller and that accepts the code just fine and applies the promotion discount correctly.

    Just won't accept multiple items for some reason.

    I will post the outcome end of this month.

  • Hi @Apekshita
    We've spoken to Amazon again about this, and they have asked us to pass on your email address, so they can help work this out for you. Would you be happy for us to pass on your email, and then they'll contact you? 
  • Hi I was just wondering is there any update on what the August gift is? Many thanks!
  • DanielleMFMDanielleMFM admin
    edited Aug 11, 2020 2:14PM
    Hi @Mariem we have yet to update this article for August (sorry for the delay!) but Amazon tell us the new welcome gift, from 10th August, isa  free Angelcare nappy bin for every new BWL customers who spends £20.

    NOTE: this article has now been updated for August :smile: 
  • Great - many thanks for the prompt response!
  • What I can't work out is - if someone else buys you something off your list, does it add to your money off total or is it only for single baskets over £200 (which would only be my basket)?
  • Hi @KatieGraves that's a good question - we'll ask Amazon and let you know what they say. 
  • Hi @KatieGraves we've just spoken to Amazon and they have said "The discount only applies to the list owner’s purchase/basket. The discount is not available for gifters. Customers usually use the discount for their big ticket items of the products that remain on the list after the baby shower"
    We hope this helps. 
  • Just a heads up that unfortunately, the wishlist promo isn't working for me either. Multiple items in the basket, all of them qualify for the promo, but the site still tells me the promotion code cannot be applied (same error as Apekshita had below). Spent over an hour on the phone w/ Amazon with 4 different agents and they could not resolve (phone line kept kicking me off as well).

    I'm really glad I ended up buying my push chair, car seat, and crib elsewhere (price was about the same as it would have been with the Amazon discount), because I would NOT want something so important to be tied up in whatever bug Amazon is dealing with (and risk things going out of stock while they try to figure it out), not to mention the general aggravation of it all.
  • Hi @Datty Thanks so much for letting us know about this, it sounds so frustrating! We will pass this feedback on to Amazon. 
  • Hi, did Amazon stopped doing a gift promotion when you spend £20. I went on their offers page few days in a row and it's just blank now, no offer. Thanks in advance for your responses.
  • Hi @Karo-lina there was supposed to be a new offer for an Angelcare nappy bin, but we've double checked the page and you're absolutely right, it's not showing anything. We've asked Amazon what's happening and will post an update as soon as we hear back from them. 
  • Hi @Karo-lina just to let you know the Amazon page has now been fixed and you should be able to see their offer for October 2020 which is the Angelcare nappy bin. 

  • Hello, for anyone else their promotion doesn't work this month please? When i added qualifying items worth over £20 etc. Their gift this month doesn't get discounted at the checkout. Thanks
  • Hi @Karo-lina we'll pass your comments on to amazon and see what they say - please bear with us, and we'll post a reply here as soon as we hear back. 
  • Has anyone had any trouble claiming for the baby gift? The items seem out of stock. Thanks
  • Hi,
    to get the 20% discount do I need to buy all the items in one go?
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