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The Amazon baby wishlist: everything you need to know

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imageThe Amazon baby wishlist: everything you need to know

Amazon has launched a baby wishlist to help you keep track of baby products you want and need - find out how it works and the benefits available

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  • I have been using this Baby Wishlist and the most useful feature is that you can share it with other people so that you make sure that not only do you get the items that you want but you won't get duplicates (as the items can be removed once someone has purchased them). This was an excellent feature for us as we are expectant parents with generous family and friends and whilst we are on a fairly tight budget, it can also seem a little cheeky to as for things outright. However, if you have a list like this you allow your family/friends to chose their own budget and feel reassured that they are buying something that you actually need.
  • Hi, can anyone check what is the gift from March? For some reason I can’t see 😒
  • Hi @Daianatolomei thanks for your post - we're on the case and will be updating this article soon. In the meantime, for customers who create a Baby Wishlist and spend a minimum of £20 for the duration of March 2020, they will receive a free Tommee Tippee Twist & Click Sangenic Bin. We hope this helps. 
  • Thank you... ☺️
  • @DanielleMFM how do you redeem this offer? X
  • I’ve tried to redeem this offer after seeing it over Bounty App and couldn’t. So I contacted Amazon customer service and they told me that this offer expired last year and they won’t accept it. Just be aware of it. I’ve contacted Bounty Customers Service also. M
  • Hi @Mum222. Thanks for your question. And sorry: we didn't make this very clear, did we?
    We've now added a little box, explaining how to redeem the offer (it's not obvious!).
    Hope that's helpful!
  • Hi @MRebouco. Thanks for your comment. How odd that you couldn't redeem your offer. Are you trying to claim the Tommy Tippee Twist n Click Sangenic Bin or something else? (The offer changes every month.)
    We've been in touch with Amazon and they've assured us that the Tommy Tippee offer won't expire till the end of March.
    We'll bring your details of the April offer the moment we hear of it...

  • @MRebouco amazon it’s having technical problems since January , and even their customer service really understands the offer, they aways drive me crazy when I contact about this. Every month I need to figure it out what is the product in offer by my self because the app says that this offer has expired, and looks like the same happens for their customer service. Funny that their own customer service doesn’t know for sure how the offers works. All you have to do is , add the product on your wish list together with other products from amazon baby store and put in your basket and procede to checkout. You’ll have the discount of the product in offer in the end. This month you need expend at list 20 ponds in some amazon baby store products to be eligible to a tommee tippee bin.  Hope I have helped.
  • Hi , do you guys already know what is the offer for April?
  • Hi @Daianatolomei thanks for your question. We've just heard from Amazon and there will not be any offers for the baby wish list this April. 
  • Hi do you know what the gift is for May? It isn't showing for me. Thanks
  • Hi @Mariem we've spoken to Amazon and their Baby Wish List is currently on hold for May and June, so we're afraid there won't be any new offers for the time being. When they are back up and running again, we'll update this article. 
  • Thanks for letting me know!
  • Hi, which day of the month does the gift appear on Amazon?
  • Hi @Karo-lina the Amazon Wishlist offers have been suspended due to Covid-19 for the past few months. We have reached out to Amazon to see if they will be back for July and await to hear from them. When we have more news, we'll pop back here to let you know. 
  • Hi @Karo-lina @Mariem - and others. We've updated this article now to highlight some changes Amazon have made to their baby wishlist offers.
    Now, when you sign up and spend £10-£20, you get a welcome gift. This gift changes monthly – and currently (July 2020) it's a Bagit disposable nappy bin.
    In addition, Amazon is offering baby wishlist holders discounts on big baby product purchases of up to 20%. See above in our article for details.
  • Has anybody managed to get the 20% off?

    Each of the products I have in the basket is eligible for the promotion (I have them in the wishlist aswell)

    However, on checkout (with code WISHLIST20) it always says "The promotional code you entered cannot be
    applied to your purchase."

    I assume it's something to do with number of deliveries, but with 22 items it would be near impossible to get them all into one delivery.
  • DanielleMFMDanielleMFM admin
    edited Aug 3, 2020 11:25AM
    Hi @Apekshita thank you for your comment. 
    Thanks for your question - we'll see if we can get a response from Amazon for you. 
  • Hi @Apekshita
    We've just heard back from Amazon and they have said that the most common reason the discount does not work is that products are not directly “sold and dispatched by Amazon”. The promotion does not support sales via 3rd party sellers, so please make sure that the value of products directly sold by Amazon amounts to the £800 threshold to claim the 20%. 

    They have also asked us to tell you, the promotion also excludes baby and infant formula, nappies, baby food and toys. 

    Amazon said they have retested the promo and even if the products are delivered separately on different days, the discount should still work. 

    And finally, Amazon said: If the customer has redeemed the coupon during the shopping process on the detail page already, the discount is already part of the promotional balance and can be used by just ticking the balance (no need to enter the code):

    We do hope this helps. 
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