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Early Scan has left me very anxious...

Hi, is it possible to have some feedback/advice. I naively had an early scan, at which I thought I was nearer 9 weeks - sonographer advised I was just over 5 weeks with no hb....I have a tilted uterus, but was able to see a fetal pole. In all honesty the sonographer was very down on the whole scan, I came away thinking the baby has died or just isnt growing? I have googled and basically made myself worse - I have no pains or bleeding and i still have symptoms of pregnancy, not every day but most. The biggest issue i have is I feel hungover and find it hard to eat. Anyway i have my NHS scan on 11/09/20, couple days after my 37th birthday. I now know this will not be my 12 week scan, but hopeful baby just has to catch up. My cycle is exactly consistent either, possible this has altered ovulation etc.



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