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Do you wish your partner could have stayed overnight after the birth?

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imageDo you wish your partner could have stayed overnight after the birth?

Alone with a newborn, exhausted, and struggling to breastfeed - would you have liked your partner to be able to stay with you after giving birth if it were possible?

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  • My Husband was not allowed to stay and i had just had a c section. I could not get out of bed or do anything for baby and the nurses where just terrible. I would kindly ask for them to change babies nappy but they didnt want to and wouldn't help me do it. I forced myself to walk 24 hours after the c section even though i was in agony and hadn't had time to heal yet because i couldn't have my baby stay there and be uncared for. Therefore i landed up being discharged due to a supposed speedy recovery. I would have loved my husband to be there to look after the baby and me. One of the nurses forced me to take a shower on my own because " I am disgusting for bleeding all over the bed ". It was just the worst experience ever. I was in agony at home and bed bound for three days, where my husband took great care of the baby and I . My parents came over to help as well.
  • Oh BlueIris111, we're so sorry to hear about your experience on the postnatal ward. That sounds really tough.
    We're so glad to hear you're home now and are being well looked after. And congratulations on becoming a mum!
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